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Michael Brooks Moving offers more than just a standard move: we offer custom-tailored options for your convenience. In addition to being local moving experts, we are also the piano experts! Many of our long term clients first called us to move a piano. Our experience there led to us having unparalleled experience in moving anything you can imagine. Whether we are packing and moving your grandmother's antique furniture in Manchester or doing an executive relocation Michael Brooks Moving has the ability to complete your move on time and within budget. 

Experience the independent moving company difference 

What is needed to complete your next move? While our clients share common goals of value and safety, the circumstances and resources required for each situation are often different. Our company does not generically schedule clients and considers unique factors in responsibly booking each appointment. MICHAEL BROOKS MOVING has the company resources to customize while still having the flexibility to accommodate time constraints and not compromise safety.

With the capability to coordinate a local business's move to a new suite in Merrimack along with a short notice pick up in Nashua, Michael Brooks Moving is a company that balances quality and flexibility.

Enjoy peace of mind and stress free local moves

The benefits of hiring a quality mover are not always readily apparent. As fully bonded and insured professionals, our staff is accountable for your belongings in a much different fashion than a friend or neighbor. From a safety standpoint, our modern and well maintained moving trucks have the storage to efficiently transport multiple items without sacrificing safety. The expertise to effectively pack and load items both in transport and at your location helps eliminate the factors that often undermine a do-it -yourself mover.

A local moving company that grows with your needs 

In offering many options for residential and commercial needs, Michael Brooks Moving is a company well positioned to grow with your needs. We take pride as movers in unpacking a local family at their new home for whom we moved into their first apartment years earlier. What can we move for you?

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